Internal and external inspection of household gas wall hanging furnace
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There are more and more families using household gas wall hanging stoves, but there are few people who really know about wall hanging stoves. Others do not say, only the examination of the wall hanging furnace, it is estimated that many people will be stumped. But don't worry, there are small squirrels hanging stove small series in it, Xiao Bian will tell you.

The inspection of household gas wall hanging furnace is a part of the maintenance of the wall hanging stove. It is divided into internal inspection and external inspection. Below, we will take a look at it:

External inspection of household gas wall hanging stove

First, turn off the power of the gas wall hanging furnace, turn off the gas valve, and then check the cooling of the hanging furnace after cooling. The inspection contents are as follows:

1) inspection system of hydraulic pressure meter, refrigerator shutdown pointer should refer to 1~1.5Bar, low water pressure, water valves please by water, if the water pressure is higher than 2.5ar, can be discharged from the water discharge system of water system in the mouth, but also through the drain valve to discharge water boiler itself. Be careful not to let the water through the safety valve.

2) check whether the flue connection is tight and the seal is good.

3) check whether the water pipeline has loose connections and leaks.

4) check the installation and use of gas wall hanging furnace, whether the installation of wall hanging furnace is stable, and not allow to stack inflammable and explosive substances and volatile and corrosive products next to the wall hanging stove.

Internal inspection of household gas wall hanging stove

Turn off the gas wall furnace power, turn off the gas valve, and so on, the wall furnace cooling, open the wall hanging furnace cover, wall hanging furnace for the following internal inspection:

1) check the gas wall hanging furnace internal cable connection, whether there is loose phenomenon, replace the aging wire harness.

2) check the gas wall hanging furnace internal water connections, clasp or nut is normal, whether or not loose, and if loose, need to replace the joint gasket.

3) check whether the gas exhaust pipe is connected tightly in the gas wall hanging furnace.

Through the small series of explanations above, we are home gas burner for the internal and external inspection is clear? Seriously check the wall hanging furnace, in the maintenance of wall hanging furnace when the problem is solved, but also can make yourself more assured to use. In addition, before checking, be sure to turn off the gas wall furnace power and turn off the gas valve.